Laboratory Director

danlofaroDaniel M. Lofaro Ph.D: Daniel M. Lofaro Ph.D. is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at George Mason University. Lofaro is also the director of the laboratory Lofaro Labs Robotics which is apart of the international laboratory group called the DASL Autonomous Systems Lab Group (DASL Group). Additionally, he is an affiliate faculty at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) in the Navy Center for Applied Research in Artificial Intelligence (NCARAI) within the Laboratory for Autonomous Systems Research (LASR). An NSF-EAPSI and ONR-SFRP Fellow, he received his doctorate from the ECE Department at Drexel University in 2013 under the guidance of Dr. Paul Oh. He was the Research Lead of the DARPA Robotics Challenge team DRC-Hubo from 2012 to 2014. His research focus is in the overarching field of real-world robotics. Within this his research interests include Swarm Robotics, Emergent Behaviors, Robot Design, Real-World Human/Robot Interaction, Humanoid Robotics, Complex Control Systems, Secure Robotics, Cloud Robotics, Unique Musical Instrument Design, and Real-Time Systems. Research interests include Complex Control Systems and Robotics with most recent ventures relating to Robot Design and Cloud Robotics.


Ph.D Students (Current)

  1. G. Das, Design for medium scale manufacturing

Ph.D Students (Past)

  1. C. Taylor, Local-frame positioning for SWARM systems using ultra-wideband ranging
  2. R. Anik, Control of high DOF robotic systems

Masters Students (Current)

  1. A. Maxseiner, Human robot interaction with humanoids
  2. G. Tummala, Controlled flight of high DOF humanoid robots
  3. M. Mubarak, Local-frame sensing and control for multi-agent systems

Master Students (Past)

  1. A. Asokan, Feasibility of cloud enabled humanoid robots
  2. E. Roderik, Development of low-latency geographically adjacent real-time cloud control
  3. A. Perez, Development of underwater multi-legged robots

Undergraduate Students (Past and Present)

  1. T. Schuler (Undergraduate Researcher)
  2. J. Miller (Undergraduate Researcher)
  3. C. Erondu (Undergraduate Researcher)
  4. G. Hernandez (Senior Design)
  5. R. Kinsey (Undergraduate Researcher)
  6. N. Folta (Senior Design)
  7. A. Kumar (Undergraduate Researcher)
  8. R. Regalado (Senior Design)
  9. A. Santana (Undergraduate Researcher)
  10. S. McElwain (Senior Design)
  11. S. Schmidgall (Undergraduate Researcher)
  12. G. Subramanian (Undergraduate Researcher)
  13. J. Miller (Undergraduate Researcher)
  14. O. Douglas (Senior Design)
  15. J. Gorma (Senior Design)
  16. R. Verma (Senior Design)
  17. G. Anderson (Senior Design)
  18. A. Perez (UG Researcher and Senior Design)
  19. C. Eveker (Senior Design)
  20. C. Ward (UG Researcher and Senior Design)
  21. G. Galindo (OSCAR – Undergraduate Researcher)
  22. L. Currie (OSCAR – Undergraduate Researcher)
  23. R. Gomes (Senior Design)
  24. A. Al Handali (Senior Design)
  25. K. Parbadia (Senior Design)
  26. P. Wies (Undergraduate Researcher)
  27. T. Sohrab (Senior Design)
  28. E. Dessalene (OSCAR – Undergraduate Researcher)
  29. A. LaFemina (Senior Design)
  30. A. Roberts (Undergraduate Researcher)
  31. S. Mukhtarzada (Senior Design)
  32. N. Kim (Undergraduate Researcher)
  33. A. Raymond (Senior Design)
  34. A. Herranz (UG Researcher – Exchange Student)
  35. K. Sparks (Senior Design)
  36. R. Yu (Senior Design)
  37. B. Ruiz (Senior Design)
  38. L. Hazim (Senior Design)
  39. W. Tarro (Senior Design)
  40. L. Tran (Senior Design)
  41. E. Chung (Senior Design)
  42. A. Arif (Senior Design)
  43. M. Gorena (Senior Design)
  44. T. Habib (Senior Design)
  45. K. White (Senior Design)
  46. B. Kittinger (Senior Design)
  47. J. Fogle (Senior Design)
  48. W. McGovern (Senior Design)
  49. L. Mardy (Senior Design)
  50. B. Geinosa (Senior Design)
  51. G. Rodriguez (Senior Design)
  52. M. Schell (Senior Design)
  53. H. Shah (Senior Design)
  54. G. Awasthi (Senior Design)
  55. J. Kastee (Senior Design)
  56. R. Velagala (Senior Design)
  57. H. Nguyen (Senior Design)
  58. P. Patel (Senior Design)
  59. T. Nguyen (Senior Design)
  60. A. Cabal (Senior Design)
  61. S. Purtell (Senior Design)
  62. S. Acharya (Senior Design)
  63. A. Randhawa (Senior Design)
  64. J. Haun (Senior Design)
  65. R. Tindell (Senior Design)
  66. K. Lam (Senior Design)
  67. H. Fahema (Senior Design)
  68. K. Cepeda-Verde (Senior Design)
  69. K. Herrinton (Senior Design)
  70. C. Sharma (Senior Design)
  71. W. Snellbaker (Senior Design)
  72. A. Basmaih (Senior Design)
  73. E. Walter (Senior Design)
  74. A. Senzano (Senior Design)
  75. M. Bula (Senior Design)
  76. A. Goldstone (Senior Design)
  77. P. Early (Senior Design)
  78. M. Kepler (Senior Design)
  79. E. Eide (Senior Design)
  80. P. Nguyen (Senior Design)
  81. M. Javid (Senior Design)
  82. Talha (Muhammed) Agcayazi (Undergraduate Researcher)