10 Years of Jaemi Hubo and other Hubo Robots in the USA

Today marks Jeami Hubo’s 10th birthday (that is 130 in robot years). This means that the Hubo series of robots have been in the USA since October 31st, 2008. Below are a few highlights from the past decade.

Jaemi Hubo Debut Video


Jaemi at KAIST trying on her armor for the first time (just before being sent to the USA)


——!!!!! UNBOXING – Jaemi Hubo Arrive in the USA (October 31st, 2008) !!!!!—–


Jaemi Hubo Initial Setup Team



Jaemi is shown on the cover of Robot Magazine for Nov/Dec 2009 issue.

Fall 2009: Jaemi is shown on the cover of Robot Magazine for Nov/Dec 2009 issue.

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Jaemi Hubo Debut at the Please Touch Museum Humanoid Robot

Jaemi Hubo Humanoid Robot Walking on Treadmill 2009-07-30

Jaemi Hubo getting ready to play “red light – green light”

Jaemi meets Capt. Chris Ferguson of the space shuttle Atlantis


Jaemi meets Dr. David Hanson, CTO of Hanson Robotics and maker of Albert Hubo’s Head



Jaemi Hubo’s Big Trip (She fell off a stage)

Jaemi Hubo’s big fix, the result of 50 days of repairs

Jaemi Hubo the Humanoid Robot tracks audio beats in real-time

Jaemi Hubo – Star Trek TV Vision Beat Tracking


Unboxing of 6x Hubo2+ robots

Jaemi Hubo Humanoid Robot Climbs Stairs (Open Loop) (Normal Speed)

Joint Mapping from Microsoft’s Kinect to Jaemi Hubo’s Kinematics using the Microsoft Kinect SDK

Jaemi Hubo follows face using Kinect and ROS

Jaemi Hubo first touches a piano


Humanoid Robot (Hubo) Throws First Pitch at Baseball Game

Humanoid Robot Carrying Object with a Human (Jaemi Hubo)

Six Hubo2+ robots wave at the same time

Hubo and OpenHubo turns a valve


Hubo-Ach controller making 3 robots do Tai Chi

Humanoid Robot Teleoperation: Hubo to Hubo

Hubo Inverse Kinematics for Both Right and Left Arms

Hubo ZMP Walking using Hubo-Ach

Walking in simulation

DRC-Hubo Drives for the first time

DRC-Hubo climbs a ladder


A lightweight, cross-platform, multiuser robot visualization using the cloud

OpenHubo used for undergraduate classword (ECE-470 at GMU)


Team KAIST wins the DARPA Robotics Challenge using the DRC-Hubo+

Jaemi settling in at DASL@UNLV

Students at UNLV taking a crash course in how to operate Jaemi Hubo with the team from DASL@GMU.

Mini Hubo at Smithsonian Air and Space Museum for National Robotics Week

Switch Communications ribbon cutting

Getting Hubo ready for today’s ribbon-cutting ceremony at Switch’s new SuperNAP Data Center. Switch was our lead sponsor for the DRC.

Team DRC-HUBO gets 8st place at the DARPA Robotics Challenge

Team DRC-HUBO wins the DARPA Roboitcs Challenge using the DRC-Hubo V2.

DRC-Hubo at “Line is Beautiful” event

The DRC-Hubo humanoid robot, designed to save lives in disasters, will showcase a distinctly different talent at the annual art and music festival

DRC0Hubo on cover of Vegas Seven

Road to the Future: How this robot and 3-D printing will change the auto industry. Plus: A review of CHADA Street, Seven Questions with Bill Nye The Science Guy, our tribute to Kerry Simon and more.

DRC-Hubo with future roboticists at Downtown Summerlin Las Vegas Festival of the Arts

DRC-Hubo presents and acts as DC at the Downtown Summerlin Las Vegas Festival of teh Arts.

DRC-Hubo at IBM Insight

Fun night at IBM Insight showing Rebel Metal driving the 3D printed LOCO of Local Motors!

OpenDRC-Hubo Play “Peg-in-hole”


DRC-Hubo Omega Concept


Science Night at Alexander Dawson School with Jaemi Hubo and the students

Science Night at Alexander Dawson School with Jaemi Hubo and the students

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DRC-Hubo++ Just Carried the Pyeongchang 2018 Olympics Torch as It Cut Through a Wall

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