Jaemi Hubo Turns 8 (that is 104 in robot years)

Today is Jaemi Hubo’s 8th birthday (104 in robot years). Eight human years ago today Jaemi was delivered to DASL and opened for the first time in the USA. Since then she and here family have made many awesome accomplishments. Here are a few of them for the past year:
October 2016:

What’s in the box!!! Find out at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum during National Robotics Week in April 2017.


September 2016:

Jaemi is back in Korea visiting!!! She is getting a much needed up grade to her power system, motor drivers, computing and more!!! The picture below is Jaemi in the middle of the upgrade at Hubo Lab.


June 2016:

More Hubo’s in the USA!!! More DRC-Hubo’s are now being used at some awesome research facilities here in the USA!!! The picture below is an upgraded version making it the DRC-Hubo++



February 2016:

DRC-Hubo was on TV – Rise of the Robots on PBS/NOVA. It’s a one-hour special on the DARPA Robotics Challenge! Go behind the scenes with the teams as they prepared for and competed in the Challenge, and hear from experts about the anticipated impacts advanced robots will have on society.



November 2015:

DRC-Hubo is demoed at IEEE-Humanoids 2015 at KIST and at RoboWorld 2015.

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